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Ducted Reverse Cycle


Toshiba Inverter Ducted Systems

Toshiba’s Inverter Ducted air conditioning systems allow you to air condition your home without having to install the indoor units on your wall, making your home look neat and tidy.

The indoor unit is installed in a confined space and ducts run through the ceiling leading to air outlets in your room.  Air is allowed into the room through vents on the ceiling or on the wall.

Advantages of Toshiba Air Conditioning Inverter Ducted system

– Quiet operation
– Reverse cycle (heating and cooling)
– Rapid heat and cool functions which increases power temporarily to achieve desired temperature before returning to normal power
– Powerful operation
– 5 year warranty for consumer confidence
– Low maintenance
– R410A non ozone depleting refrigerant
– Easy to install
– Compact unit concealed in ceiling
– DC inverter system, designed to use electricity efficiently and effectively
– Dual controller with the ability to adjust for either controller
– Easy to use controller