Signature Gidgee Lump Charcoal (15kg)

$88.00 inc. GST

Queensland Gidgee Brother’s Signature lump charcoal (previously known as Premium) is piece sizes greater than 70mm. However, due to transport and handling, smaller pieces can eventuate. This product is an excellent source of long-burning heat and is popular for use in offset smokers, kettles and ceramic style BBQ’s. Other uses include firepits, internal heating stoves or campfires as a source of warmth and fuel.

This product excels for those long, low and slow cooks where stable heat profiles are needed. Signature size is popular for use in the BBQ competition scene.


Additional Info:

  • Target Pits – Offset smokers, kettles and kamados
  • Easy to light (especially when a charcoal chimney is used)
  • Clear burning – no smoke
  • Long lasting – the density of Gidgee wood produces charcoal with a long burn time
  • Exceptional even heat delivery
  • Never burn charcoal inside homes, vehicles or tents – it gives off carbon monoxide which can kill you
  • Never use charcoal in a gas or electric oven or stove
  • Keep children clear of both charcoal fires, hot surfaces and ash



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