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Rye is a suburb about 100 kilometers away from Melbourne and hosts approximately 8,500 residents.

Rye’s most well-known landmark is Rye Pier, a popular recreational snorkeling and diving location. An underwater trail provides snorkelers and divers an easy, guided experience of the various marine life that can be found in the local waters. The pier is also known for its giant spider crab migrations, a yearly event that sees thousands of these crustaceans crawling every which way.

The Peninsula Hot Springs can also be found in Rye, which is Victoria’s one and only natural hot springs. With such a variety of magnificent natural features to enjoy, it’s no wonder that Rye is a popular holiday destination.

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Why AtmosphereNow Fireplaces Are Your #1 Choice. With over 30 years in the heating industry, we are longtime experts at installing and maintaining aesthetically pleasing, efficient fireplaces.

With Atmosphere’s wide variety of Slow Combustion Heaters and Open WoodGas, and Electric Fires, we are almost sure to have what you’re looking for!

Open Wood Fireplaces

Upgrade your existing brick fireplace with a modern insert or redesign a room to feature one of our lovely steel fireplaces. These newer designs provide significant improvements in efficiency because of the full-steel design which creates convected heat on top of the usual direct radiance.

Gas Fireplaces

All the fun of a fire with a much-reduced amount of mess and setup time! Gas fireplaces light up fast and do not require regular refilling of fuel.

These fireplaces are also more flexible in installation locations because they can use both vertical and/or horizontal flue/chimney systems for fume removal.

Popular lines include the Heat and Glo 130-X, 5X, SLR-X, and the Quadra-Fire 31LE.

Slow Combustion Heaters

Slow combustion of wood in an airtight box leads to increased fuel efficiency while maintaining high levels of safety. Adding a simple fan to circulate the warmth makes it even better for multi-room heating.

Typically free-standing, these metal boxes remain as eye catching decorations that are sure to warm and delight your guests.


Electric Fires

Although a less popular option for coastal homes, an electric fireplace is an energy efficient, convenient option for those who want the warmth of a fire with none of the fuss.

All of our eye-catching steel beauties are sure to keep your home warm and toasty in even the coldest nights. If you’d like to see what we can do for you, give us a call at 0428 189 978 or visit our showroom in Carrum Downs!

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