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Improve Heating Efficiency with Jetmaster

The traditional open brick fireplace has long been the centerpiece for those who love to entertain or cozy up on the coach on a cold rainy day. Nothing can beat the warmth, light, and crackle of a fire.

Open fireplaces have come a long way. Vast improvements in performance and efficiency to heat a living space by using heat from the back of the fire, that would otherwise be lost, to create convected heat.

Aesthetically Pleasing
Jetmaster fireplaces are made from stainless, galvanized steel, made for easy cleaning, long-life, and brings home that modern, clean look that many homeowners enjoy.

The open fireplace is a favourite among our Mornington Peninsula customers. Whether you’re converting an existing fireplace or incorporating one into the design of your new build. Jetmaster Fireplaces cater for everyone!

Brilliant heat, beautiful to watch
The modern steel design helps our fireplaces radiate the heat not just directly from the flame, but also by convection. This means you’re burning less for the same output.

Installing your fireplace is a breeze!
Our open wood fireplace catalog features a wide variety of sizes that can easily be inserted into an existing chimney or new build. With over 30 years of heating installation experience in Melbourne, you are guaranteed a quality experience.

Check out our Carrum Downs showroom on Silkwood Rise to see what our fireplaces can do for you. Call us at 0428 189 978 for us to prepare the warmest welcome!

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