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Gas Log Fireplaces
Clean, Safe and Instant Heat. While open wood fireplaces have their advantages, they’re not always an option for those who enjoy the warmth of a fire but are not so keen with the ongoing set up and clean up required.

A gas log fireplace adds style to your living space and is the ideal choice for that fiery need: Gas fires light up fast and provide a similar flame and heat with much reduced combustion by-products like ash and smoke.
Bright, warm flames
Gas fireplaces can output bright flames that come very close to mimicking a real wood fire. Modern convection systems mean perfect warmth spread around your home.
No mess from handling and burning wood
No more cleaning wood chips and getting splinters in the worst places or dealing with ash and smoke from burning wood! A quick turn of a knob gets you warmth and comfort with none of the mess.
Stunning, minimalist design
Atmosphere gas fireplaces are sleek metal beauties that are sure to wow anyone who appreciates the finer things in life. The ability to flue vertically or horizontally allows for amazing flexibility in installation locations.

AtmosphereNow are 30-year leaders in Melbourne heating installations. Our most popular gas fireplace models include the 130-X, 5X, and SLR-X.

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