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The Most Popular Melbourne Home Heating Solution – Electric Fireplaces

For homeowners looking for the friendly, fun, warmth of a fire in a safe, metro-friendly package, nothing beats the convenience of an electric fireplace.

Electric fireplaces work by using electrical components to generate the heat and clever use of LED lighting generates a realistic flame comparable to traditional wood and gas fireplaces. The addition of inserts and logs complete the aesthetic of a real fireplace that can be installed in any urban home.

Maximum Efficiency

An electric fireplace doesn’t need a chimney or flue to remove smoke and fumes, so all the heat generated can be radiated into your home with minimal loss of energy.

Many of our models also offer colored flames, sealing the fireplace’s position as an endless, universal source of entertainment for guests.

Superior Convenience

Using an electric fireplace is as easy as plugging it into a wall socket and switching it on. No wood, no smoke, no mess!

In fact, these modern fireplaces can even come with WiFi connectivity, ensuring full control of your home’s heat from wherever you have an Internet connection.

With our offerings of linear and corner designs, you can fit a cozy fireplace almost anywhere in your home.

Complete Safety

By not relying on traditional combustion, you don’t need to worry about toxic fumes accumulating in your home.

All our electric fireplaces are certified safe by relevant Melbourne authorities, and our decades of experience as heating installers ensures that your home is always kept safe from electrical surges or excessive heat.
Come check out these amazing electrical fireplaces in action in our showroom on Carrum Downs!

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