The Cauldron 1500 mm

$1,660.00 inc. GST

This Cauldron is a monster and will certainly make a statement in any backyard or rural setting. It will become an everlasting part of your family tradition and no doubt become a legacy to be passed down to your children and theirs.

It can be used in a wide variety of settings from rural to urban, rustic to high modern. Cradled in this dish shaped form, flames burn freely.

  • Made from 10mm thick Cast Iron, which is completely maintenance free
  • The depth of the fire pit is 400mm
  • Base size is 450mm diameter and is 150mm high
  • Overall Weight is about 160kg incl the base – it is VERY  heavy
  • Comes with a 12mm hole in the centre to allow water to drain away
  • Completely maintenance free product that will last a lifetime!
  • Perfect to be able to throw large logs and tree trunks in
  • Ideal for rural settings, large large backyards or events



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