The TriPod

$900.00 inc. GST

No this isn’t War of The Worlds, it’s the Tripod Fire Pit by Unique Fire Pits. This fire pit looks like something straight out of Lord of The Rings or Game of Thrones. With the Chalice like Pit hanging suspended from a Tripod it has an Epic feel to it. You may have to restrain your friends from going for a swing in the early hours of the morning after a late night soiree.

  • Bowl is made from 5mm thick Cast Iron
  • Poles made from 48mm diameter x 3mm thick steel tube
  • Overall leg width is 1500mm x 2000mm high
  • Choice of a Goblet or a Chalice as the bowl
  • Overall Weight is about 50kg
  • Comes with a 12mm hole in the centre to allow water to drain away
  • An optional grill can also be adapted to this fire pit allowing you to also bbq on it



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